Reflection #85








thought, thinking


so-called thinker,



no personal


there is

no impersonal;


simply is – everywhere













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Alternative educator? Artist? Author? Meditation instructor? S.M.G.W.M? Who is here to say with clarity & conviction who/what I AM? Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of bumping into some amazing teachers & mentors; people who have changed me in unspoken ways. People who have elevated my life experience with hope, meaning, joy & purpose. Through the use of creativity, teaching, speaking & writing, I have enjoyed sharing the gifts I have inherited from others: Roxi Hermson, Leonard Orr, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Wolinsky, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Hafiz & Louise Thomson to name a few. It is the artist, free thinker, poet, advocate & friend, who has inspired this life "I" call my own. With image & word, in private practice, one-on-one or group facilitation & service, I have touched meaning, purpose & peace; something magical that lies beyond the thinking mind. It is in so-called work that I have met "my" desire & intention to elevate & ennoble the lives of others. To point to a direction; to encourage others to see the impulse of life that leads towards an elevated nurturing of our [own] inner wisdom & Soul. It is through one-on-one indulgence of great cups of coffee and engaged conversation, the experience & expression of creativity, the silence of meditation or the activity of snowboarding, that I have felt freedom & simplicity that lies in the Art of Being. For more about what’s going on in my world, please check out:
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2 Responses to Reflection #85

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    they say it’s wrong to over-think but I believe the world needs more thinkers – most people are content never thinking.

  2. To clarify & build on your comment, there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with thinking, however, in the west especially, we have a tendency to be overly fixated on thought/thinking. We could say, we spend to much time in our heads and have lost touch with our bodies – which are a metaphor for the greater body of the Earth/Universe (also known as being un-grounded).

    The degree of suffering we experience is a direct reflection of our over-identification to thought/thinking – we imagine we are – as thought and the drama begins affecting both body/mind.

    The essence of Yoga is to recognize we are not our “bodies” or “mind”; it’s not a denial or dismissal of the body or mind, but an open invitation to unravel/recognize we are more than we could ever imagine we are.

    The paradox to this apparent process of unraveling/realization is that in recognizing we are not the body or mind, we enhance the ability to be in that apparent body/mind; without the baggage and neurosis of these identifications; we actually elevate the well-being and expression of the body & apparent mind; the body and mind are free-to-be.

    The world does not need more thinkers – the (world) (needs) (more) (people) who have awakened from the trance of thinking they are there body/mind. Arguably, this is the true purpose of spirituality, although in most cases it typically falls short of this purpose by adding/superimposing more thoughts and ideas that distract & distort (us) from finding out Who We Are.

    Not thinking and thinking that you are thought, are the same coin – just different sides. If we happen to fall into the category of someone who is genuinely looking for “transformation”, it won’t be found in less thinking or more thinking, but more-so in the probability/possibility of “original thinking”; conditioned thought cannot provide this. It only occurs if thought arises innocently/freely out of the space from which it comes: “Being is the basis of thinking – thinking is the basis of doing”. When we identify with the non-verbal core of (ourselves), there is a tendency for thought, thinking & “thinker” to act accordingly – from this-space-of-Being, and, more often than not, this provides us with the kind of “thinkers” the world needs.

    in appreciation of your commentary & readership!


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